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Say Hello to the A Dill Crepe!

We all fell in love with Adele when 19 was introduced to the world. And again when 21 hit itunes. And now, again, with 25. Her voice is magical and anyone who disagrees is not worth being friends with. So, we’ve decided to dedicated our March special to her beauty and grace and amazing-ness. Broccoli, […]

I just like Crepes. Crepes are my favorite.

‘Tis the season, Crepe lovers! For cheer, caroling, gift-giving, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and of course… crepes (as always). This holiday we are pleased to present our sweet treat for the month of December: The Buddy Crepe! Have you ever gotten bored with the plain ol’ nutella? Well, I never have, but that’s […]

Creperie Contest 2.0

Dear Crepe and Internet Lovers, The Creperie has a new and exciting tool for your on-the-go needs. We now have our own online ordering. Once your order is placed, it is sent straight to the café and the crepe line. Here’s the extra bonus for you: Order online from November 12th to November 19th and you […]

Paris Creperie Photo Challenge!

Calling all Creperie and photography lovers! We have an exciting contest starting TODAY!  Win a $25 Gift card! Dates of Submission: Today, October 4th – Sunday, October 11th. What to Submit: Your best Paris Creperie photo! Guidelines: Here’s where you must pay close attention, as these are all MUSTS. Follow us @ParisCreperie on Twitter and/or Instagram. […]

Welcome Back Students!

Summer is ending, school is beginning, and maybe you’re not too cheerful about it. Maybe you got to stay in Boston all summer to enjoy an empty B-line, or maybe you were one of the lucky ones who traveled, or maybe you were one of the (un?)lucky ones who moved to Allston just in time […]

Coming Soon to a Creperie Near You… World Nutella Day

Calling All Crepe and Nutella Enthusiasts! Once a year for the past 8 years, the dream that is Nutella is celebrated by it’s lovers everywhere. It is the day we give thanks for the deliciousness that is Nutella and celebrate by eating anything and everything Nutella. The Paris Creperie, certainly the #1 unofficial Nutella supplier […]

Too Many Regretz? We Found the Solution

If you’ve been to our food truck, Le Tour Eiffel, and had the ‘No Regretzel,’ you might’ve wondered why on earth it wasn’t also in the café, it’s so amazing. Well dear crepe lovers, the No Regretzel is now gracing the café with it’s salty and sweet presence. Filled with delectable Dulce De Leche (pronounced: […]

Say ‘Bounjour!’ to Le (new) Menu

If you haven’t noticed this past week, the café has changed their menu. So – put on your adventure beret and try a new breakfast or savory one!  A team of the most Top Secret crepe agents, including a few that actually work IN the café (ooooh, ahhh), put their beret-topped brains together in efforts […]

TOP SECRET MENU: Baked Brie for a Great Cause

Do you adore brie cheese? Are you passionate about a crepe with sweet fruity preserves? How about giving back to your community? Crazy people running in speedos in the freezing cold? If any of the above appeals to you, you are in luck! We’ve had this crepe filled with raspberry preserves, brie cheese, & topped […]

And the Winner Is…

So after entry upon entry of fantastically over-the-top crepe and/or French puns, we have a winner for our crepe naming competition! Congratulations: Rebecca D.!  Her crepe name, “Storming of the Basil,” is  perfectly witty, perfectly high-brow. We like. So congratulations! We’ll be in contact for you to reap your delicious reward. However, we are making […]