Basically, basic.

Oh, autumn. We love you so much. You bring us beautiful the cool, crisp air after a humid summer. The trees change colors, and it makes every stroll to the corner store an Instagram photo shoot. #nofilter. But the most glorious thing about fall, is that from its deep, deep slumber, the indigenous Pumpkin awakes and conquers everything in its path. From signboard to supermarket, The Pumpkin reigns supreme. Don’t lie, you love it. We’re all a little basic on the inside. So that’s why we’re bringing you the:

BasicThe Basic combines what you love –  Organic Pumpkin, Autumnal Spices, Counter Culture’s Big Trouble espresso, and just a hint of Black Pepper to make a latte like no other. This isn’t your grandmother’s pumpkin spice latte. We’re not even sure she’s had a pumpkin spice latte.

Come on in and try one, hot or as a smoothie!


A Paris Creperie employee accidentally discovering the recipe for Basic.

And the August Crepe of the Month is…






















Yo, OMELETTE YOU FINISH… but our new crepe of the month is one of the best crepes of all time.

This month we’re serving up a parmesan infused crepe with cheddar cheese, tomato, and red onion, topped with a fried egg, arugula, and a sriracha cashew aioli. This crepe is no joke, yo. We are also trying something new by folding the crepe square style and topping it with all that goodness. And some runny yolk up in this piece? GIRL.



Howdy Friends,

It is the month of July. Freedom is in the air. Liberty is dancing in the wind (a manly dance of course), and one must feed themselves accordingly.

Come on down and order a helping of the American Spirit.























All the bacon & eggs we have, American cheese, ham & sausage.Topped with maple syrup and bacon bits.

Until next time,

Keep it real.





It’s that time again, y’all. It’s time for Bastille Day. In case you don’t know, Bastille day is a celebration held on 14 July every year to commemorate the Storming of Basil– er, Bastille, which launched the beginning of the French Revolution. This upcoming Tuesday we at Paris will be celebrating by offering 50% off of our Storming of the Basil and The Revolution crepes all day, as well as having a special appearance (for most of the day) by the one and only Marie Antoinette!




Boston Pride Special

Greetings fellow crepers and crepettes! This is Nick, the catering & events manager at Paris, as well as the longest standing employee of the company.

It’s the most wonderful time of the entire year; Boston Pride! As Spring finally gets into gear, flowers blossom, the sun shines, birds chirp…
…and thousands of my fellow gays are aflutter with the promise of another fabulous Pride weekend of parades, block parties, and proud self-reflection towards how far we’ve come as a community, as well as taking note of the work yet to be done. I have attended every pride for I don’t even remember how long now, and this year we wanted to do something different. For 3 years now we’ve marched in the parade, and as much fun and awesomeness that is, I felt we needed a break since I typically sacrifice half of my pride weekend to prepare for it. Rather than doing nothing at all to participate, we decided to unveil our newest creation….
The LG-BLT! This wondrous creation contains bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, and garlic-dijon fromage blanc . Aside from being a perfect pun and a delicious item, we’ve decided to donate $1 out of every sale of the LG-BLT to BAGLY, which is a local Boston youth group, dedicated towards creating events and a safe haven for the LGBT community.
Our poster contains the mother of all leaders, RuPaul, in all her drag glory. She would clearly approve of indulging in such a cause! So come on down, enjoy the crepe, and take pride in the fact that your money is going to a worthy cause. And remember,
If you don’t love yourself, how the HELL you gonna love somebody else? Can I can an amen up in hurrrr?


May: the month of spring time and dreams rolling down Flower Bud Mountain… or something like that. The point is that in the month of May spring is finally upon us. We can enjoy tulips, May polls, picnics in the park with a special someone. Everyday can be a wonderful adventure in the outdoors to be enjoyed with a light jacket and a latte.



Something is missing. It is hard to put a finger on, but what we are missing are the friends we have made this winter. I am speaking of the friends that stood by us no matter what was going on in our lives;the friends that hung out with us all day when we were snowed in;the friends who tucked us into bed each night.

I am of course talking about your NETFLIX FRIENDS. Ron Swanson, Walter White, Betty Draper, and of course, LIZ LEMON!!!

Never fear fellow TV show character befriender! At the Paris Creperie we want you to feel comfortable when you are out in the world without these folks. And so, we have created the Liz Lemon crepe. As you venture out into spring you are probably afraid without the familiar faces of your favorite Netflix programs. Relax because when the time comes to eat refuge can be found with the Liz Lemon Crepe! A graham cracker and poppy seed infused crepe, with lemon, walnuts, brown sugar and blueberry—you’ll feel like you’re in your favorite yoga pants and slippers.

So come in, order one, and maybe bring a friend……. A non-Netflix friend.

See you soon!

Paris Creperie

This might be better than night cheese....

This might be better than night cheese….

Brussel Crow

Howdy Dear Crepe Friends,

It appears that we are out of the harsh winter weather. It also appears that we are now stronger as a city. Even when Boston had more snow than parts of Alaska (So, a ploughman told me that… And I think he is also ameteorologist… So yeah,it’s fact)we banded together and pulled through.We are bolder, we are fitter, and we are braver.

With all of that in mind we wanted to bring you a crepe made for a fighter, fit for a WARRIOR, designed only for the greatest warrior of all time…

We bring you, the BRUSELL CROW.

The documentary Gladiator came out back in 1999 enlightening us all to Russell Crow’s life story.  Afterwards, he went on to have a pretty great acting career. I think he made a couple cool movies after Gladiator but we are much more concerned with the epic masterpiece that revealed the harrowing tale of this Roman god of a man.

In his honor and in honor of all Bostonians we offer:

An oregano and parmesan infused crepe filled with browned, sesame Brussels sprouts, cayenne, thyme-roasted cashews, bacon and, last but not least, cheddar cheese.

Come, feast.

It shall be so!


Paris Creperie

Are you entertained...bro?

Are you entertained…bro?

Howdy Friends,
It has been a long February. Snow has continued to bury our city, the temperature hasn’t budged much from below freezing, and the entire internet is puzzled over what the dress’s actual colors are (in case you’re wondering, it’s white and gold).

Here at the Paris Creperie we take pride in being a beacon of hope. We look around at the wintery, snow jammed city and think, ‘You know, let’s put some super exciting, extra fancy new items on our menu! Give the people what they want! Trade in your shovel for a fork and let’s go!’

This March we proudly present two new crepes as additions to our normal menu. First, we have the Garden of Eden. It sports, walnuts, apples, dried cranberries, our fig reduction, gorgonzola, and arugula. I personally take the bagel bites approach to this one and eat it at every meal (If you have not watched this commercial for bagel bites, please do. Also, yes, we have made a bagel bites crepe, and the results were so dangerously delicious even we, makers of the Nutella Frozen Hot Chocolate were afraid of its power.)

Next, we have the John Gouda-Man. Named after everyone’s favorite working class husband, dude’s best friend, one-eyed fake bible sales man, and monster voice. It’s a crepe you can take home to mom. It includes, smoked Gouda, oven-roasted turkey, bacon, chipotle-parmesan aioli, and spinach.

If these two delights don’t have your mouth watering, you are probably a robot sent from the future to destroy Flavor Town and all of its residents.


There’s more!

We are adding a smoothie. Have you ever been over at your grandmother’s house, and when she offers you a boring oatmeal cookie, you just want to say,


(To our left we have the Paris Creperie’s official Grandmother Dorris)

Whether you have felt this way, or not, we sure have which is why we bring to you:

The Nutella Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie!

Come on down, say hi, and try something new–

Lookin’ for a little sumthin’, sumthin’?

Crepe lovers,

You ever get that feeling, after you’ve finished a savory crepe, like you are so full and satisfied, yet SOMEHOW you still just really want a sweet crepe? “But they are so big, however could I even attempt to eat all of that goodness?!,” you say, reading the options and beginning to salivate all over again just thinking about it.

Well, we feel you, bro. That’s why we are pleased to announce that as of Friday 6 February, we will now be offering all of our dessert crepes in a PETIT size! ZUT ALORS! Yes, that’s right, all the sweet crepes you know and love, fruits and toppings and all that good good, in a smaller size. We here at Paris know better than anyone that our guests deserve dessert after a long hard day of being rad. So go on, nom one… You deserve it. 🙂




Dear Friends,

Legends spoke of a day, unlike any other, that men, women, and children across the land would celebrate the most undisputably tasty thing that has ever existed. That day, sweet companions, is soon to be upon us.



Don’t let the rumours (or truths) of more snow deter you from this awesome day! This day only comes once a year!











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