November 2015

Jake’s Makin’ Bacon Pancake

If you didn’t already know, we at Paris are huge fans of our buddies Finn and Jake on Adventuretime. A certain episode, “Burning Low,” about how dangerous Finn’s adoration for a certain Flame Princess is, also happens to debut a fancy super catchy song by Jake the Dog, “Making Bacon Pancakes.”

Enjoy a Mathematical start to your day by devouring Jake’s stretchy pancake face, with a side of bacon, and Ice King Ice Cream. Hopefully this bacon didn’t come from Mr. Pig, Tree Trunk’s new husband. Talk about awkward. So c’mon grab your friends, we’ll go to very distant lands, with Jake the Dog, and Finn the human. The fun will never end.
It’s Adventuretime.
If you haven’t already youtubed the New York mix up, you simply must. Click here.

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