If you’ve ever been to Coolidge Corner, you most likely have wandered into Brookline Booksmith, and if you haven’t, you really should. It’s a wonderful place and operated by some awesome people. Oh, and did we mention they have pretty rad events, such as book signings from popular authors and celebrities? We’ve had the pleasure of working in conjunction with them during these events, taking orders from hungry patrons in line. This allows us to deliver delicious crepes and smoothies without anyone having to leave the queue. Our friends at Toast provide an incredibly useful tablet sales interface that aids in the improving success of these mobile transactions.

So, what’s next? Well, Brookline Booksmith is holding a release party of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” this Saturday, (7/31) and we’re excited to be a part of it. That’s right, the Paris Creperie is going to have an on-site table, with four special Harry Potter themed items on the menu! Look for us there while you’re mingling with other fans and telling your dad he’s a totally a hufflepuff.

They’ve got a bunch of fun stuff planned out, so check out the event here.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing you there, and look for us at other cool events in the future!


Greetings fellow crepers and crepettes! This is Nick, the catering & events manager at Paris, as well as the longest standing employee of the company.

It’s the most wonderful time of the entire year; Boston Pride! As Spring finally gets into gear, flowers blossom, the sun shines, birds chirp…
…and thousands of my fellow gays are aflutter with the promise of another fabulous Pride weekend of parades, block parties, and proud self-reflection towards how far we’ve come as a community, as well as taking note of the work yet to be done. I have attended every pride for I don’t even remember how long now, and this year we wanted to do something different. For 3 years now we’ve marched in the parade, and as much fun and awesomeness that is, I felt we needed a break since I typically sacrifice half of my pride weekend to prepare for it. Rather than doing nothing at all to participate, we decided to unveil our newest creation….
The LG-BLT! This wondrous creation contains bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, and garlic-dijon fromage blanc . Aside from being a perfect pun and a delicious item, we’ve decided to donate $1 out of every sale of the LG-BLT to BAGLY, which is a local Boston youth group, dedicated towards creating events and a safe haven for the LGBT community.
Our poster contains the mother of all leaders, RuPaul, in all her drag glory. She would clearly approve of indulging in such a cause! So come on down, enjoy the crepe, and take pride in the fact that your money is going to a worthy cause. And remember,
If you don’t love yourself, how the HELL you gonna love somebody else? Can I can an amen up in hurrrr?

Howdy Friends,
It has been a long February. Snow has continued to bury our city, the temperature hasn’t budged much from below freezing, and the entire internet is puzzled over what the dress’s actual colors are (in case you’re wondering, it’s white and gold).

Here at the Paris Creperie we take pride in being a beacon of hope. We look around at the wintery, snow jammed city and think, ‘You know, let’s put some super exciting, extra fancy new items on our menu! Give the people what they want! Trade in your shovel for a fork and let’s go!’

This March we proudly present two new crepes as additions to our normal menu. First, we have the Garden of Eden. It sports, walnuts, apples, dried cranberries, our fig reduction, gorgonzola, and arugula. I personally take the bagel bites approach to this one and eat it at every meal (If you have not watched this commercial for bagel bites, please do. Also, yes, we have made a bagel bites crepe, and the results were so dangerously delicious even we, makers of the Nutella Frozen Hot Chocolate were afraid of its power.)

Next, we have the John Gouda-Man. Named after everyone’s favorite working class husband, dude’s best friend, one-eyed fake bible sales man, and monster voice. It’s a crepe you can take home to mom. It includes, smoked Gouda, oven-roasted turkey, bacon, chipotle-parmesan aioli, and spinach.

If these two delights don’t have your mouth watering, you are probably a robot sent from the future to destroy Flavor Town and all of its residents.


There’s more!

We are adding a smoothie. Have you ever been over at your grandmother’s house, and when she offers you a boring oatmeal cookie, you just want to say,


(To our left we have the Paris Creperie’s official Grandmother Dorris)

Whether you have felt this way, or not, we sure have which is why we bring to you:

The Nutella Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie!

Come on down, say hi, and try something new–

Hello fellow crepe fans!

The New Year is upon us. As we look back at 2014, many memories may come to mind. A child graduating from high school or college, a professional or personal milestone, a weekend, and maybe a few “personal days” home from work dedicated to the completion of an especially long and emotionally complex series on Netflix. However potent those pieces of our lives may feel, I think we can safely say that the one thread that connects ALL of our lives and outshines any of our memories is…..


At The Paris Creperie no one can finish a sentence without somehow referencing the soulful powerhouse and triple threat that is Beyoncé. It only felt natural that we celebrate the New Year with a crepe dedicated to traditional champagne celebrations of January 1st, mashed up with our favorite lady.

So we bring to you, “The Countdown”.




This crepe has some fierce flavors, filled with orange zest infused strawberry champagne reduction and topped with a vanilla mousse sauce. We finish the plate off with some whipped cream and powdered sugar. This is one you could fall Drunk in Love with.


Happy New Year from all of us at the Paris Creperie.

Always eat something good,


‘Tis the season, Crepe lovers! For cheer, caroling, gift-giving, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and of course… crepes (as always).

This holiday we are pleased to present our sweet treat for the month of December: The Buddy Crepe!

Have you ever gotten bored with the plain ol’ nutella? Well, I never have, but that’s not the point. The point is we have vamped it up with an exciting new twist including candy cane crumbles, m&m’s, and a peppermint Parisian doughnut glaze.

That’s right, you thought the Bear Claw glaze was good? Just wait until you try this minty fresh deliciousness.

For the month of December only!*

The Buddy Crepe is the gift that keeps on giving, so make sure you treat yoself to this one.

Sam, crepe pusher/café reporter

the buddy crepe










*This crepe has been Buddy the Elf approved. Minus the spaghetti. We couldn’t go that far.

Dear Crepe and Internet Lovers,

The Creperie has a new and exciting tool for your on-the-go needs. We now have our own online ordering. Once your order is placed, it is sent straight to the café and the crepe line.

Here’s the extra bonus for you: Order online from November 12th to November 19th and you will be entered in our next contest to win a $25 gift card!

Now get to Crepein’, Crepe-lovers!

With love from your Café Reporter,

October is here. It’s raining, it’s pouring, I’m sure lots of old men are snoring… when they would rather be eating delectable crepes.

Speaking of crepes, The Paris Creperie is proud to present our October special. Are you ready to hear it?

I know you are, but allow me to linger on this one.

Not only is this crepe the most delicious crepe I’ve eaten in weeks (and that’s saying a lot, as they’re all pretty darn tasty), but I may not be able to resist this one… even when it betrays my love and makes me so angry I start breaking furniture.

With that said… I present to you…

sex. lies. crepes. 

Don Creper - October special

All rolled into one? Tell me how you can resist. I dare you.

This crepe from the gods consists of mushrooms sautéed in the best seasoning ever: garlic, green peppers grilled to perfection, onions in their tastiest form: caramelized, and sliced savory roast beef, all under a layer of melted provolone cheese, tastefully finished with a chipotle aoli.

I’ll tell you how you can resist. You won’t be able to.

If you happen to be vegetarian and believe you can resist this undeniable and sexy crepe, let me offer another reason why you won’t. A few of our staff who are vegetarian have replaced the roast beef with avocado or roasted red peppers and have both reported back with positive results. Those are just two of the many substitutions available, and I promise we are willing to accommodate all dietary needs possible.

Remember, this is for October ONLY! So get it while you can. I promise… You won’t regret it.

Sam – your Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher

Boston’s Pride Parade is an annual tradition for the staff of the Paris Creperie. Led by our jazzy and vivacious Catering Manager, Nick Mallia, we march each year in celebration of our freedoms, our love, and most importantly, our oozing gayness. This year we took the theme of “Be Yourself” and pushed it further into a pop culture phenomenon with, “Release Your Inner Diva!” Inspired by the queens of pop music, the crepe-pros were ready to get our Pride on.

truck - pride float name

La Tour Eiffel


A Creperie float wouldn’t have been complete without our beloved truck, decorated and driven by the truck managers you know and love as Jartha. Along with disco ball (my personal fave) and rainbow decorations, we were also joined by our Manager (aka Dad), Jack, who DJ’d the pop hits for us to dance to, including Beyoncé’s “Partition,” RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk,” Spice Girl’s “Wannabe,” and even more seemingly unrelated songs like Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What?,” because for some of us at the Creperie, that song is irresistible… and quite full of diva attitude.


pride - nick dancing

Uncle Nick leading the way


Dad Jack having a fab time DJing

Dad Jack having a fab time DJing


Jartha as Madonna

Jartha as Madonna


From two Britney Spears to two Madonnas to Lady Gaga to Beyoncé to Amy Winehouse… we were all in full pop-star diva attire, ready to take the parade by storm. Joined by friends and ex-coworkers, we danced and sang our way through the city, posing for pictures and performing spontaneous in-sync choreographed dances. Okay, maybe they were planned, but they were still awesome.

pride - cam as britney spears

Cameron as Britney Spears

Christina radiating beauty and her inner diva!

Christina radiating beauty and her inner diva!

While Pride’s official observance was in June, we believe that the meaning of pride is something to be celebrated always, and we carry it forward! A time of coming together to celebrate, practice gratitude, revel in increasing liberation, and of course, have fun. Join us next year!

The Diva Gang

The Diva Gang

By the way, maybe you saw our “Bear Claw” crepe that we added for the weekend of Pride. We have wonderful news! Our cinnamon-infused crepe with sweet Speculoos cookie butter inside and a donut glaze on top has officially made it to the main menu. If that’s not the best news for your sweet tooth then you better come try this crepe immediately to see why it is. The Bear Claw’s mascot, the big dancing gay bear himself, is also pretty stoked as you can see: super gay bear claw bear <3

With love from your Café Reporter (and don’t forget Crepe Pusher, because you HAVE to try the Bear Claw Crepe),


Maybe you were snowed in on Nutella Day. Maybe you’ve missed Groupon deals in the past. Or maybe… just maybe… Norway . you’ve been waiting for the perfect Paris Creperie discount for you and your mom!

If any or none of the above, we have wonderful news! This Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 11th, you can Bring Your Mom To Paris. With the purchase of your crepe, mom will receive her crepe for FREE! That’s right, free meal for mom. And what is classier for Mother’s Day than a Nutella crepe with strawberries and powdered sugar? Nothing, I tell you. tourist maps Nothing!

Mom will not only be impressed that you already made plans for her but also she’ll be so excited that you took her on a spontaneous trip to Paris. Aww, aren’t you so thoughtful!

We’ll provide the chocolate-covered strawberries, but don’t forget the flowers. We can’t solve every Mother’s Day dilemma.

With love, well-wishes, and a permanent sweet tooth,
Sam, your Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher

Calling All Crepe and Nutella Enthusiasts!

Once a year for the past 8 years, the dream that is Nutella is celebrated by it’s lovers everywhere. It is the day we give thanks for the deliciousness that is Nutella and celebrate by eating anything and everything Nutella.

The Paris Creperie, certainly the #1 unofficial Nutella supplier in the Boston area, has come up with a rather irresistable idea for this international holiday. All day on Wednesday, February 5, you can get anything Nutella at the café in Coolidge Corner, Brookline and on our food truck at Dewey Square for 50% OFF. This includes the classic Nutella Chocolate crepe with your choice of strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and more, the S’mores crepe, Nutella Cannoli crepe, and any of our Nutella drinks, such as Nutella Hot Chocolate, frozen if desired, or our ever popular Nutella Latte, which can come in mint or raspberry as well.

If you are devoted to the truck and have yet to stop by the café or vice versa, this is the perfect opportunity to try a Nutella item that you haven’t before. Come celebrate with Team Creperie!

  • If you’re an Instagram junkie, tag us @pariscreperie with the hashtag #nutelladay. This is the official hashtag coined by the women behind this tasty event.
  • If you’re a Twitter junkie, you can tag us @pariscrepecafe using the same hashtag.
  • If you’re a Facebook junkie, not only should you ‘like’ our page, but join our event for Nutella Day here.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Sam, Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher