Wait, Hold the door!

Just like the arrival of dragons in Game of Thrones, this post is a bit late. Every Monday, a handful of the staff gathers to discuss last weeks episode. (The remainder of the staff calls us nerds. But we’re the cool ones.)

We decided we needed to provide a Game of Thrones themed crepe of the month, and we annoyed our staff with puns, such as:

A Crepe Has No Name

The Boar-Atheon

Jon Snowpea

Three-Eyed Cravin’

Stark Chocolate

Raising Bran


Until finally, one clicked and thus, The KALE-EESI was born.


All Hail the Kale-eesi

“You are in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Coolidge, The Unburnt, Queen of the Greens, Queen of the Andals and The First Men, The Protector of the Cafe, Spinner of Grains and Mother of Dragons. You are not fit to rule this land, only she. It is known. All hail the Kale-eesi!”



This crepe has been very popular since launch, and the introduction of smoked turkey and in-house made red wine jalapenos are the stars here. Some guests even take it to the next level and add hot sauce to channel their inner dragon.


Here are some testimonials about this crepe special:

varys“My little birds have sang many a song about this crepe, and what a song they’ve sung!” – Varys
CuijbaHC“I love the Kale-eesi and I’ll keep coming back for it. Even when it’s no longer sold, I will still find it, and I will still order it. Did I mention I love the Kale-eesi? – Jorah


greyworm“This crepe is off the chain.” – Greyworm
tyrion-lannister“It’s not short on flavor.   It could do with more wine though.” – Tyrion


Hodor.” – Hodor

There you have it! Come in before the end of June, and claim your reign upon the Iron Throne.






Here at the creperie, we tend to custom create our own combinations to keep things interesting for our staff meals. But now, we decided to treat our dedicated friends to a Super Secret Menu!  This is a menu that will not be shown in the cafe or through online ordering, but through social media and our website. If you’re looking at this now, congratulations! Thanks for inquiring into us further! Come in and try one of these creations and look for more in the future!


The Bananiel

Peanut Butter, Banana, Garnished with Honey Drizzle  |$6.99

Sweet Cheesus

Gruyere & Brown Sugar |$6.99

Scout’s Delight

Coconut & Graham Infusion, Nutella,Garnish with Caramel & Nutella Drizzle and Coconut Sprinkle|$6.99

Toasty Strudel

Crispy Graham Infused Crepe, Butter, White Sugar, Strawberries, Garnished with Glaze Drizzle   |  $6.99

Creperie Grilled Cheese

Crispy Crepe rolled  Cannoli-Style, Butter, Gruyere, American Cheese & Tomato |   $8.99

Bear Claw Cannoli

Cinnamon & Powdered Sugar Infusion, Cookie Butter, Ricotta, Garnished with Powdered Sugar & Glaze  |$8.99

The Nan-Bear-Pig

Cinnamon Infusion, Cookie Butter, Bacon , Banana, Garnished with Glaze |$9.99

Chuck-olate Crepe

Nutella, Bacon|$7.99

Western Omelette

Scallion Infusion, Eggs, Cheddar, Ham, Caramelized Onion, Roasted Red Pepper |$10.99


Flu Fighter [Smoothie]

4.99 SM | 5.99 MED | 6.99 LG

Orange Juice, Peaches, Bananas, Spinach & Honey

Nutella Affogato

A double shot of Espresso poured over two scoops of Frozen yogurt, Drizzled with Nutella|$4.29

Cookie Butter Chai

3.79 SM | 4.49 MED |4.79 LG

Chai Tea Latte blended with cookie butter.

Creperie Hacks

French Vanilla

Turn any Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino or Cafe Au Lait into “French Vanilla”
(Half Hazelnut, Half Vanilla Syrup)

Root Beer Float

Purchase a Boylan’s Root beer and scoop of Vanilla frozen yogurt, and ask for a large mug!


Did you see a certain design on someone’s nutella latte on instagram, such as a bird, hearts, or even Batman? Ask for a specific stencil for your drink!


This Friday, November 21st, The Paris Creperie and Runa are teaming up to bring you a doubly delicious and refreshing deal.

When you come in to order your crepes, make sure to ask for the “RUNAlovesParis” discount at the end of your order. With the purchase of your crepes you will receive a FREE Runa drink.

Things to remember: you must ask for the discount, this is only while supplies last, and this is only this upcoming Friday.

We look forward to seeing you as well as your contribution to this exciting collab. This could be the biggest collaboration since Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, everyone! Watch out. The flawless combination of crepe and refreshing tea on your tastebuds might be too much to handle.

We encourage you to take on the challenge.

With excitement, your café reporter/crepe pusher,
Sam J.

Calling all Creperie and photography lovers! We have an exciting contest starting TODAY!  Win a $25 Gift card!

Dates of Submission: Today, October 4th – Sunday, October 11th.

What to Submit: Your best Paris Creperie photo!

Guidelines: Here’s where you must pay close attention, as these are all MUSTS.

  • Follow us @ParisCreperie on Twitter and/or Instagram. You have to be following us on either or both to be eligible for entry.
  • On Twitter, tweet to us your best photo of the Paris Creperie. On Instagram, make sure you tag us in the photo, or we might miss it.
  • Hashtag your photo with #creperiecontest on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Note: What’s in the photo is up to you, but it must include one of our menu items!
  • Clever captions will not hurt your entry. We love humor and good puns here!
  • You may only submit ONE photo. Oooh, pressure.

Prize: A Paris Creperie gift card of $25!  You also win bragging rights. And we’ll follow you on Twitter and/or Instagram!

October is here. It’s raining, it’s pouring, I’m sure lots of old men are snoring… when they would rather be eating delectable crepes.

Speaking of crepes, The Paris Creperie is proud to present our October special. Are you ready to hear it?

I know you are, but allow me to linger on this one.

Not only is this crepe the most delicious crepe I’ve eaten in weeks (and that’s saying a lot, as they’re all pretty darn tasty), but I may not be able to resist this one… even when it betrays my love and makes me so angry I start breaking furniture.

With that said… I present to you…

sex. lies. crepes. 

Don Creper - October special

All rolled into one? Tell me how you can resist. I dare you.

This crepe from the gods consists of mushrooms sautéed in the best seasoning ever: garlic, green peppers grilled to perfection, onions in their tastiest form: caramelized, and sliced savory roast beef, all under a layer of melted provolone cheese, tastefully finished with a chipotle aoli.

I’ll tell you how you can resist. You won’t be able to.

If you happen to be vegetarian and believe you can resist this undeniable and sexy crepe, let me offer another reason why you won’t. A few of our staff who are vegetarian have replaced the roast beef with avocado or roasted red peppers and have both reported back with positive results. Those are just two of the many substitutions available, and I promise we are willing to accommodate all dietary needs possible.

Remember, this is for October ONLY! So get it while you can. I promise… You won’t regret it.

Sam – your Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher

Summer is ending, school is beginning, and maybe you’re not too cheerful about it. Maybe you got to stay in Boston all summer to enjoy an empty B-line, or maybe you were one of the lucky ones who traveled, or maybe you were one of the (un?)lucky ones who moved to Allston just in time for Allston Christmas (If so, congratulations on surviving it!). Either way, you’re in luck, students! We at the Paris Creperie have the delicious cure for the back-to-school blues.

That’s right! A celebration with a SWEET deal. What kind of Creperie would we be if we didn’t have a Back-To-School Day in one of the most student-populated areas of the country?! Well, we wouldn’t be The Paris Creperie.

Let’s get to the important details for you to know.

WHERE: The Paris Creperie, Coolidge Corner, Brookline.*
WHEN: Sunday, September 14 only.
WHAT YOU RECEIVE: A free Nutella Crepe with the purchase of any other crepe.
HOW: Click the link below to claim and present your current student ID. So easy!

Don’t you wanna be as happy as this kid?


I thought so.

See you Sunday! Bring your best bib, and don’t forget those student IDs!

Sam, Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher/Nutella Crepe Addict

*This deal is at the café only. However, La Tour Eiffel, our beloved food truck, will be at SOWA.