Oh, autumn. We love you so much. You bring us beautiful the cool, crisp air after a humid summer. The trees change colors, and it makes every stroll to the corner store an Instagram photo shoot. #nofilter. But the most glorious thing about fall, is that from its deep, deep slumber, the indigenous Pumpkin awakes and conquers everything in its path. From signboard to supermarket, The Pumpkin reigns supreme. Don’t lie, you love it. We’re all a little basic on the inside. So that’s why we’re bringing you the:

BasicThe Basic combines what you love – ¬†Organic Pumpkin, Autumnal Spices, Counter Culture’s Big Trouble espresso, and just a hint of Black Pepper to make a latte like no other. This isn’t your grandmother’s pumpkin spice latte. We’re not even sure she’s had a pumpkin spice latte.

Come on in and try one, hot or as a smoothie!


A Paris Creperie employee accidentally discovering the recipe for Basic.