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It’s that time again, y’all. It’s time for Bastille Day. In case you don’t know, Bastille day is a celebration held on 14 July every year to commemorate the Storming of Basil– er, Bastille, which launched the beginning of the French Revolution. This upcoming Tuesday we at Paris will be celebrating by offering 50% off […]

Boston Pride Special

Greetings fellow crepers and crepettes! This is Nick, the catering & events manager at Paris, as well as the longest standing employee of the company. It’s the most wonderful time of the entire year; Boston Pride! As Spring finally gets into gear, flowers blossom, the sun shines, birds chirp… …and thousands of my fellow gays […]


May: the month of spring time and dreams rolling down Flower Bud Mountain… or something like that. The point is that in the month of May spring is finally upon us. We can enjoy tulips, May polls, picnics in the park with a special someone. Everyday can be a wonderful adventure in the outdoors to […]

Howdy Friends, It has been a long February. Snow has continued to bury our city, the temperature hasn’t budged much from below freezing, and the entire internet is puzzled over what the dress’s actual colors are (in case you’re wondering, it’s white and gold). Here at the Paris Creperie we take pride in being a […]

Lookin’ for a little sumthin’, sumthin’?

Crepe lovers, You ever get that feeling, after you’ve finished a savory crepe, like you are so full and satisfied, yet SOMEHOW you still just really want a sweet crepe? “But they are so big, however could I even attempt to eat all of that goodness?!,” you say, reading the options and beginning to salivate all […]


Dear Friends, Legends spoke of a day, unlike any other, that men, women, and children across the land would celebrate the most undisputably tasty thing that has ever existed. That day, sweet companions, is soon to be upon us. BEHOLD!   Don’t let the rumours (or truths) of more snow deter you from this awesome […]

John Gouda-Man

Hello again friends, We have made it through the first month of the New Year. It has been a month with cold winds, a city–paralyzing blizzard, and a new song from Kanye West featuring some Scottish guy named Patrick MCcearny (Just playing guys– Wings is one of my favorite bands and I’m sure whatever Paul McCartney did before Wings was […]


Hello fellow crepe fans! The New Year is upon us. As we look back at 2014, many memories may come to mind. A child graduating from high school or college, a professional or personal milestone, a weekend, and maybe a few “personal days” home from work dedicated to the completion of an especially long and emotionally complex series […]