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Nerding Out: Creperie Style

Hey everyone. I’m Shane, Assistant Manager, and complete nerd. It’s been awhile since our last blog post, but we’re going to try to make this a more common thing again. This one is a shout-out to all the gaming nerds out there who support our business!   As you may have seen, many of our […]

Putting a political spin on crepes!

Every month at Paris, we like to create a new crepe to keep things interesting. Creating the crepe of the month is an incredibly fun activity to look forward   It involves a few steps and multiple staff members ingenuity . Sweet or savory? What’s the crepe going to consist of? What’s something popular or nostalgic […]

Apply to join the team, and I’ll tell you why.

Hey friends, My name is Isabelle, I’m a sophomore at Mass Art, and I’ve been working at the Paris Creperie since last May.  If you’re a fan of food and teamwork I want to genuinely tell you why you should apply to work here. When I first started here I felt welcomed right away and […]

Tough times, but we’re here to help.

Hey friends, So, there is a lot of negativity, hate and sadness consuming a large portion of the population in recent times. Facebook and twitter seem to hold countless battles whenever you log in, and uncertainty of what lies ahead is fresh on all of our minds. We’re certain of one thing here at Paris […]

The Kale-eesi!

Wait, Hold the door! Just like the arrival of dragons in Game of Thrones, this post is a bit late. Every Monday, a handful of the staff gathers to discuss last weeks episode. (The remainder of the staff calls us nerds. But we’re the cool ones.) We decided we needed to provide a Game of […]

La Secret Menu!

Here at the creperie, we tend to custom create our own combinations to keep things interesting for our staff meals. But now, we decided to treat our dedicated friends to a Super Secret Menu!  This is a menu that will not be shown in the cafe or through online ordering, but through social media and […]

Say Hello to the A Dill Crepe!

We all fell in love with Adele when 19 was introduced to the world. And again when 21 hit itunes. And now, again, with 25. Her voice is magical and anyone who disagrees is not worth being friends with. So, we’ve decided to dedicated our March special to her beauty and grace and amazing-ness. Broccoli, […]

Introducing, The Chai-mander!

Winter can bring out the Gloom in all of us. Just tracking through the snowy streets and slushy Muk can be absolutely Gastly at times. But hey, don’t be Krabby about another cold Boston winter. Embrace it! Wake up your Drowzee self & come on down to the Paras Creperie and warm yourself up with: […]

The Snape Crepe is Here!

If you’ve ever watched or read Harry Potter, you know Severus Snape was the best character. Dark, twisted, and pining for Harry’s long dead mother, his character was deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. When the news of Alan Rickman’s death hit us, we knew we had to dedicate a crepe to him. So […]