Putting a political spin on crepes!

Every month at Paris, we like to create a new crepe to keep things interesting.

Creating the crepe of the month is an incredibly fun activity to look forward   It involves a few steps and multiple staff members ingenuity .

Sweet or savory?

What’s the crepe going to consist of?

What’s something popular or nostalgic we can theme the crepe around ?

How many puns can we get away with?


Normally, our crepes are based off of pop culture references such as Game of Thrones, Kanye West, or Stranger Things. But, sometimes we try to push the boundaries, just a little bit. It’s usually when we try to go into political territory. That when we really seem to get the angry responses.

We get it. We understand it’s a touchy subject. You should never discuss politics at the dinner table. Even if our humor may seem a bit mean spirited, it’s usually all within parody perspective. You don’t have to acknowledge it. However, some choose to.


Back in December, 2015, during the height of the republican primaries, we created a crepe directing a parody of Ben Carson.

“The Churro-Surgeon”  We tried to do something a bit different, and try pan fried, rolled up crepes to resemble churros.

Many of our guests loved the crepe, as well as the adverting, however, we got one very angry e-mail from a local Brookline gentleman for dishonoring his presidential pick with such an “Offensive sign.”

We really didn’t fret it though. We all kind of laughed at it. I mean, look at the poster. The man has churros for arms.






We dipped our toe into the water yet again, with the Wiki-Leeks crepe.  Although not as controversial as outright calling someone out, we still got a comment about it, placed inside our comment box.


So naturally, with all of the completely ridiculous things going on it politics, we had to take another spin at in. The staff is all pretty like minded when it comes to certain issues.  Current Administration: NO!   Spice Girls: YAAS!

After watching the Melissa McCarthy portrayal of Sean Spicer on SNL, we knew what we had to do.  We knew that Trump was upset by having a member of his cabinet played by a woman, we thought the idea to mix the two would be hysterical.

So thus, the Spicer World was born:


You say you want a revolution? Well here's an alternative!


The crepe has only been available for a week so far, but we consistently have guests posing with the poster outside or taking pictures of the one hanging in the creperie. We really don’t regret it.  The only thing we do regret is not including the tagline “Available in a Traditional or Putin-Free crepe!”

We have yet to get a negative comment about it, but we’re expecting at least one.

We hope that you enjoy one today!

We’d also like to give a shoutout to Kristen Mallia of MALLIA Design.  She’s the artist behind all of our Crepe of The Month posters, as well as our cafe’s interior design. You can find her work on: Instagram & Twitter.