Apply to join the team, and I’ll tell you why.

Hey friends,

My name is Isabelle, I’m a sophomore at Mass Art, and I’ve been working at the Paris Creperie since last May.  If you’re a fan of food and teamwork I want to genuinely tell you why you should apply to work here.

When I first started here I felt welcomed right away and I could tell my coworkers actually care about each other’s well being. I also get to interact with great customers daily! Meeting new people every day has been really amazing! Our customers are the best!! We also practice open book, a management style that gives all the employees a business education and helps them grow the business with their own ideas and input (and the profit sharing is awesome by the way!)

Our staff is split into committees to help the cafe prosper. I’m in the marketing committee, where we get to plan events for the cafe and boost our social media presence. This is something I’m actually interested in and really enjoy doing. You can find me spinning the prize wheel or painting faces during events. But my favorite thing is doing the sidewalk chalk art on weekends.

Don’t let me fool you though, this job is also hard work and you have to be prepared to put in the time and energy to commit to the cafe. If you’ve ever visited on a weekend, you’ll understand. It gets crazy! It’s all very worth it though.We do have a lot of fun here even when it’s hectic.

I’ve met some of my good friends working here and have learned so many new skills!

If working at Paris Creperie seems like a commitment you’d also enjoy making, stop by and pick up an application today!





You can see some of Isabelle’s chalk art here: