Tough times, but we’re here to help.

Hey friends,

So, there is a lot of negativity, hate and sadness consuming a large portion of the population in recent times. Facebook and twitter seem to hold countless battles whenever you log in, and uncertainty of what lies ahead is fresh on all of our minds. We’re certain of one thing here at Paris for sure, and it’s that you’ll always be welcome in our cafe. There will never be bias towards your race, religion, orientation, or beliefs. Regardless of the surrounding atmosphere outside our walls, we’ll welcome all walks of life in our zany little restaurant. There is no place for hate here. Solidarity makes us stronger.


The staff at Paris is a unique bunch with even more unique ideas. If you’re having a bad day, let us know. We’ll try to do something to brighten it up.  Want a cat design on your hot chocolate? You got it. Want you and your partner’s name written on a crepe with Nutella? Just let us know the names. I’m sure we even have some extra googly eyes laying around somewhere if you want a pair. We’ll also continue our goal to bring a bit of humor into the restaurant business, so stay tuned for our pun filled menu items and pop culture/nerd references.


All in all, just do your best to smile and stay positive, stay true to yourself, and keep being awesome.


Paris love you.heartlatte