Introducing, The Chai-mander!

Winter can bring out the Gloom in all of us. Just tracking through the snowy streets and slushy Muk can be absolutely Gastly at times. But hey, don’t be Krabby about another cold Boston winter. Embrace it! Wake up your Drowzee self & come on down to the Paras Creperie and warm yourself up with:

Paris_February2016_ChaimanderMeowth, That’s right. The Chai-mander. A spicy and delicious blend of MEM Chai Tea, milk and a mix of some fire-type spices to keep the flame inside burning bright all day long.  If you’re Seaking something different that doesn’t seem too Farfetch’d, then we hope this will Seel the deal. Don’t be a Slowpoke. You gotta drink them all!

Did you think we were going to Raichu a pokemon post without Poke-puns? That would be Onyxcceptable.