May: the month of spring time and dreams rolling down Flower Bud Mountain… or something like that. The point is that in the month of May spring is finally upon us. We can enjoy tulips, May polls, picnics in the park with a special someone. Everyday can be a wonderful adventure in the outdoors to be enjoyed with a light jacket and a latte.



Something is missing. It is hard to put a finger on, but what we are missing are the friends we have made this winter. I am speaking of the friends that stood by us no matter what was going on in our lives;the friends that hung out with us all day when we were snowed in;the friends who tucked us into bed each night.

I am of course talking about your NETFLIX FRIENDS. Ron Swanson, Walter White, Betty Draper, and of course, LIZ LEMON!!!

Never fear fellow TV show character befriender! At the Paris Creperie we want you to feel comfortable when you are out in the world without these folks. And so, we have created the Liz Lemon crepe. As you venture out into spring you are probably afraid without the familiar faces of your favorite Netflix programs. Relax because when the time comes to eat refuge can be found with the Liz Lemon Crepe! A graham cracker and poppy seed infused crepe, with lemon, walnuts, brown sugar and blueberry—you’ll feel like you’re in your favorite yoga pants and slippers.

So come in, order one, and maybe bring a friend……. A non-Netflix friend.

See you soon!

Paris Creperie

This might be better than night cheese....

This might be better than night cheese….