Brussel Crow

Howdy Dear Crepe Friends,

It appears that we are out of the harsh winter weather. It also appears that we are now stronger as a city. Even when Boston had more snow than parts of Alaska (So, a ploughman told me that… And I think he is also ameteorologist… So yeah,it’s fact)we banded together and pulled through.We are bolder, we are fitter, and we are braver.

With all of that in mind we wanted to bring you a crepe made for a fighter, fit for a WARRIOR, designed only for the greatest warrior of all time…

We bring you, the BRUSELL CROW.

The documentary Gladiator came out back in 1999 enlightening us all to Russell Crow’s life story.  Afterwards, he went on to have a pretty great acting career. I think he made a couple cool movies after Gladiator but we are much more concerned with the epic masterpiece that revealed the harrowing tale of this Roman god of a man.

In his honor and in honor of all Bostonians we offer:

An oregano and parmesan infused crepe filled with browned, sesame Brussels sprouts, cayenne, thyme-roasted cashews, bacon and, last but not least, cheddar cheese.

Come, feast.

It shall be so!


Paris Creperie

Are you entertained...bro?

Are you entertained…bro?