Lookin’ for a little sumthin’, sumthin’?

Crepe lovers,

You ever get that feeling, after you’ve finished a savory crepe, like you are so full and satisfied, yet SOMEHOW you still just really want a sweet crepe? “But they are so big, however could I even attempt to eat all of that goodness?!,” you say, reading the options and beginning to salivate all over again just thinking about it.

Well, we feel you, bro. That’s why we are pleased to announce that as of Friday 6 February, we will now be offering all of our dessert crepes in a PETIT size! ZUT ALORS! Yes, that’s right, all the sweet crepes you know and love, fruits and toppings and all that good good, in a smaller size. We here at Paris know better than anyone that our guests deserve dessert after a long hard day of being rad. So go on, nom one… You deserve it. 🙂



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