Hello fellow crepe fans!

The New Year is upon us. As we look back at 2014, many memories may come to mind. A child graduating from high school or college, a professional or personal milestone, a weekend, and maybe a few “personal days” home from work dedicated to the completion of an especially long and emotionally complex series on Netflix. However potent those pieces of our lives may feel, I think we can safely say that the one thread that connects ALL of our lives and outshines any of our memories is…..


At The Paris Creperie no one can finish a sentence without somehow referencing the soulful powerhouse and triple threat that is Beyoncé. It only felt natural that we celebrate the New Year with a crepe dedicated to traditional champagne celebrations of January 1st, mashed up with our favorite lady.

So we bring to you, “The Countdown”.




This crepe has some fierce flavors, filled with orange zest infused strawberry champagne reduction and topped with a vanilla mousse sauce. We finish the plate off with some whipped cream and powdered sugar. This is one you could fall Drunk in Love with.


Happy New Year from all of us at the Paris Creperie.

Always eat something good,


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