I just like Crepes. Crepes are my favorite.

‘Tis the season, Crepe lovers! For cheer, caroling, gift-giving, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and of course… crepes (as always).

This holiday we are pleased to present our sweet treat for the month of December: The Buddy Crepe!

Have you ever gotten bored with the plain ol’ nutella? Well, I never have, but that’s not the point. The point is we have vamped it up with an exciting new twist including candy cane crumbles, m&m’s, and a peppermint Parisian doughnut glaze.

That’s right, you thought the Bear Claw glaze was good? Just wait until you try this minty fresh deliciousness.

For the month of December only!*

The Buddy Crepe is the gift that keeps on giving, so make sure you treat yoself to this one.

Sam, crepe pusher/café reporter

the buddy crepe










*This crepe has been Buddy the Elf approved. Minus the spaghetti. We couldn’t go that far.

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