Paris Creperie Photo Challenge!

Calling all Creperie and photography lovers! We have an exciting contest starting TODAY!  Win a $25 Gift card!

Dates of Submission: Today, October 4th – Sunday, October 11th.

What to Submit: Your best Paris Creperie photo!

Guidelines: Here’s where you must pay close attention, as these are all MUSTS.

  • Follow us @ParisCreperie on Twitter and/or Instagram. You have to be following us on either or both to be eligible for entry.
  • On Twitter, tweet to us your best photo of the Paris Creperie. On Instagram, make sure you tag us in the photo, or we might miss it.
  • Hashtag your photo with #creperiecontest on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Note: What’s in the photo is up to you, but it must include one of our menu items!
  • Clever captions will not hurt your entry. We love humor and good puns here!
  • You may only submit ONE photo. Oooh, pressure.

Prize: A Paris Creperie gift card of $25!  You also win bragging rights. And we’ll follow you on Twitter and/or Instagram!

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