We’re Not Selling Crepes… We’re Selling Love

October is here. It’s raining, it’s pouring, I’m sure lots of old men are snoring… when they would rather be eating delectable crepes.

Speaking of crepes, The Paris Creperie is proud to present our October special. Are you ready to hear it?

I know you are, but allow me to linger on this one.

Not only is this crepe the most delicious crepe I’ve eaten in weeks (and that’s saying a lot, as they’re all pretty darn tasty), but I may not be able to resist this one… even when it betrays my love and makes me so angry I start breaking furniture.

With that said… I present to you…

sex. lies. crepes. 

Don Creper - October special

All rolled into one? Tell me how you can resist. I dare you.

This crepe from the gods consists of mushrooms sautéed in the best seasoning ever: garlic, green peppers grilled to perfection, onions in their tastiest form: caramelized, and sliced savory roast beef, all under a layer of melted provolone cheese, tastefully finished with a chipotle aoli.

I’ll tell you how you can resist. You won’t be able to.

If you happen to be vegetarian and believe you can resist this undeniable and sexy crepe, let me offer another reason why you won’t. A few of our staff who are vegetarian have replaced the roast beef with avocado or roasted red peppers and have both reported back with positive results. Those are just two of the many substitutions available, and I promise we are willing to accommodate all dietary needs possible.

Remember, this is for October ONLY! So get it while you can. I promise… You won’t regret it.

Sam – your Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher

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