Welcome Back Students!

Summer is ending, school is beginning, and maybe you’re not too cheerful about it. Maybe you got to stay in Boston all summer to enjoy an empty B-line, or maybe you were one of the lucky ones who traveled, or maybe you were one of the (un?)lucky ones who moved to Allston just in time for Allston Christmas (If so, congratulations on surviving it!). Either way, you’re in luck, students! We at the Paris Creperie have the delicious cure for the back-to-school blues.

That’s right! A celebration with a SWEET deal. What kind of Creperie would we be if we didn’t have a Back-To-School Day in one of the most student-populated areas of the country?! Well, we wouldn’t be The Paris Creperie.

Let’s get to the important details for you to know.

WHERE: The Paris Creperie, Coolidge Corner, Brookline.*
WHEN: Sunday, September 14 only.
WHAT YOU RECEIVE: A free Nutella Crepe with the purchase of any other crepe.
HOW: Click the link below to claim and present your current student ID. So easy!



Don’t you wanna be as happy as this kid?


I thought so.

See you Sunday! Bring your best bib, and don’t forget those student IDs!

Sam, Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher/Nutella Crepe Addict

*This deal is at the café only. However, La Tour Eiffel, our beloved food truck, will be at SOWA.

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