Coming Soon to a Creperie Near You… World Nutella Day

Calling All Crepe and Nutella Enthusiasts!

Once a year for the past 8 years, the dream that is Nutella is celebrated by it’s lovers everywhere. It is the day we give thanks for the deliciousness that is Nutella and celebrate by eating anything and everything Nutella.

The Paris Creperie, certainly the #1 unofficial Nutella supplier in the Boston area, has come up with a rather irresistable idea for this international holiday. All day on Wednesday, February 5, you can get anything Nutella at the café in Coolidge Corner, Brookline and on our food truck at Dewey Square for 50% OFF. This includes the classic Nutella Chocolate crepe with your choice of strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and more, the S’mores crepe, Nutella Cannoli crepe, and any of our Nutella drinks, such as Nutella Hot Chocolate, frozen if desired, or our ever popular Nutella Latte, which can come in mint or raspberry as well.

If you are devoted to the truck and have yet to stop by the café or vice versa, this is the perfect opportunity to try a Nutella item that you haven’t before. Come celebrate with Team Creperie!

  • If you’re an Instagram junkie, tag us @pariscreperie with the hashtag #nutelladay. This is the official hashtag coined by the women behind this tasty event.
  • If you’re a Twitter junkie, you can tag us @pariscrepecafe using the same hashtag.
  • If you’re a Facebook junkie, not only should you ‘like’ our page, but join our event for Nutella Day here.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Sam, Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher

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