The Crisis of Modernization

As many of you have probably noticed, our truck underwent a (non-violent) menu #Revolution over the Summer, and we were super pleased with the results.  The lesson: Modernization is good.  We needed to compete with all the other great food trucks out there, and we believe our new menu is now more on par with what a great food truck should offer: unique pairings, amazing flavor, more thoughtful food sources, and, of course, names that will get people talking (“For-Biden Fruit”, anyone??).

If you have been to our Cafe in the past month, you will have noticed that its menu has followed suit.  Featuring an entirely new savory menu (except for the Ham and Brie and Lilli’s, of course!), the cafe now offers the kinds of crepes you’d expect from our truck.  For all you truck customers, you’ll be happy to know we brought “The Affectation”, “Kale’n’ It!”, and the “Vive la Revolution”
to the Cafe!

And I know, change is hard.  Modernization doesn’t come without crisis (any historian will agree).  But I give you the ol’ food trucker promise (that’s a thing…) that these crepes are more delicious and more innovative than anything offered on the old menu.  Check it out:

Still not convinced? Come by the cafe and try for yourself (Be bold, be daring!).  If you still dream of the days of the Buffalo Chicken Crepe, then I will personally write you an “I’m Sorry for Your Loss” letter accompanied by a teddy bear holding a heart.


Jenny, Truck Manager/Self-Appointed Cafe Promoter

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