Too Many Regretz? We Found the Solution

If you’ve been to our food truck, Le Tour Eiffel, and had the ‘No Regretzel,’ you might’ve wondered why on earth it wasn’t also in the café, it’s so amazing. Well dear crepe lovers, the No Regretzel is now gracing the café with it’s salty and sweet presence.

Filled with delectable Dulce De Leche (pronounced: dool-say deh leh-cheh), which is imported from Argentina, along with pretzel crumbles, this is the perfect crepe for when you just can’t decide which flavor you’d rather have.

This crepe is listed under our ‘Sweet Crepe’ portion of the menu and is available all day, every day, like all of our recipes. It’s also great for sharing with another sweet person in your life! Or maybe a salty one. It’s up to you to decide.

Stop by the café or the truck and see for yourself what all the talk is about.

Sam, Café Reporter/Crepe Pusher

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