Say ‘Bounjour!’ to Le (new) Menu

If you haven’t noticed this past week, the café has changed their menu. So – put on your adventure beret and try a new breakfast or savory one!  A team of the most Top Secret crepe agents, including a few that actually work IN the café (ooooh, ahhh), put their beret-topped brains together in efforts of creating a melange of only the finest and most delicious ingredients for our new recipes. They worked extremely hard to ensure that your tastebuds will be satisfied.

Have no fear, dear sweet-crepe lovers, for that part of the menu didn’t change much. The one addition to our sweet crepe vault is the “No Regretzel,” which started on Le Tour Eiffel, our one and only food truck. The perfect blend of sweet, salty, and of course, no regrets.

Our smoothies and hot drinks also remain the same. So if you’re addicted to those Nutella frozen hot chocolates, don’t worry, they remain — even through the below freezing temperatures that are upon us.

Every week we will feature a new crepe so you can see up close and personal what it’s all about.

Get excited!


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