And the Winner Is…

So after entry upon entry of fantastically over-the-top crepe and/or French puns, we have a winner for our crepe naming competition! Congratulations: Rebecca D.!  Her crepe name, “Storming of the Basil,” is  perfectly witty, perfectly high-brow. We like. So congratulations! We’ll be in contact for you to reap your delicious reward.

However, we are making a slight change. Instead of using this name for our Gorgonzola, chicken, and basil leaf crepe, we’re going to use it for our pesto chicken, mozzarella, and roasted red pepper crepe. This crepe focuses more on the basil taste and we just couldn’t pass up the basil/Bastille word play! (Hope that’s ok with you, Rebecca!)

Also, shout out to Jason S. for his unspeakable act he’d commit in order to win: “If I win, I will eat my free crepe “pie contest style” with my hands behind my back and no silverware.”  What commitment!  Jason, you may not have won, but feel free to eat “pie contest style” at the cafe anytime.

Thanks to all participants, we all had a lot of fun getting your input 🙂

<3 Jenny and the Paris Creperie

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