Re-Introducing Martha “Mother-Trucker” Griem!

Likes: Country Metal (whatever the hell that is), flexing her arm muscles, karaoke

Dislikes: Gluten, disorder, cat calls


One of the original Paris truckers, this formidable German-American temptress recently went on hiatus, first road-tripping across the U.S., then working on an archaeological dig in Peru.  But she’s back, baby!  This time, as 1/2 of the co-management team aptly named “Jartha” (Composed of “J”enny and M”artha”= Jartha).

With her high vocal timbre and near-constant singing, she’s a pleasure for both the eyes and the ears.  As the record-holder for lowest ticket time, if you see her behind the grills, you’ll know you won’t have to wait long for your delicious and perfectly-made crepe.  Notably, she’s probably done the least amount of damage to the truck while driving, which, if you have driven a truck, is impressive.

Martha makes all aboard the truck feel safe and warm in her proverbial “Mother-Trucker” nest.  We’re glad to have her back.

<3 the Paris Truckers


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