The Masses Have Spoken: “We want Ham and Brie!”

So the Paris Truckers say, “Let them eat Ham and Brie!” (but not in the same bitterly ironic way as Marie Antionette…) While our new crepes, The Affectation, Kale’n’ It, Sweet Chees-Us, and Broc Obama, seem to please the crowd, the people want more.  And no longer will we deny the people what they want!  In the French Revolutionary spirit of popular sovereignty, The Paris Creperie Food Truck has embraced the right to assembly with the return of the Ham and Brie Crepe.

Only this time, we’re amp-ing it up, AMERICA style.  The Ham and Brie 2.0, a.k.a, the “Vive La Révolution” Crepe, will not only feature a better ham than our Ham and Brie 1.0, but will be taken up a notch with our own walnut-basil pesto. Because what populist revolution is truly a revolution without a whole lotta change?! Add a little honey if you’re a feeling like a radical revolutionary.

The masses have spoken, and we have responded.  The “Vive La Révolution” will stage its rebellion next week, so get ready to storm the gates of our truck, torches ablaze (and stomachs empty!).

Vive le France! Vive La Révolution! Vive La Crepe!

<3 Your Favorite Revolutionists,  The Paris Truckers

The Paris Crepe Chefs all pumped up to Vive la Révolution!

The Paris Crepe Chefs all pumped up to Vive la Révolution!

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