Meet the Paris Truckers: Shane “Cat Lady” Hyman


Likes: Cats, O.K. Cupid, Using the blow torch

Dislikes: A human work schedule, colors other than black, inefficiency

“Hey, look at this message I got from this crazy girl on O.K. Cupid”.  I turn around from the crepe grills to face Shane “Cat Lady” Hyman.  While Shane loves a lil’ online dating now and then, he really just wants to get to know you in person, and maybe show you a few pictures of his cat.  Yes, he might look emo, but he probably just forgot to cut his hair.  He can’t help it if his thick, black locks fall just so about his face and eyes.

Shane’s been working at the Creperie for almost a year, but has just started working more frequently on the truck (because of his awesome manager, Jenny? I wouldn’t doubt it!) and we’re psyched to have him.  Look out for his amazing dessert crepes and drinks on the truck- this guy’s got some skilzzzz.

<3 The Paris Truckers

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