You Better Sit Down For This One…NEW MENU COMING SOON!

In the food truck business, you live and you learn.  Here at Paris, it’s no different.  Going from brick and mortar to a food truck has certainly been a growing experience, and one that we are proud of.  And now, we are finally working on “Crepe Menu 2.0” that is even more delicious, environmentally conscious (meaning local and organic products), and addicting than our current menu.  So, to test out this new menu we will be holding “City Hall Plaza’s Try-It-Out Day” this Thursday, August 1st at lunch.  While we will still serve our traditional sweet crepes (we can’t deprive you of Nutella), all of our savory crepes will be from our killer new menu.  If you like it, WE KEEP IT!  So come out on Thursday at City Hall Plaza to show your support and try something unique and new! The menu is as follows:

1. Broc Obama

Cloth bound cheddar with broccoli

“We HOPE you like it!”

2. Kale ‘n It

Flat top chicken with a lil’ spice with kale and our truck made lemon poppy-seed aioli

3.  Sweet Chees-Us!

Take a trip to flavor town with this crepe. Gruyere Cheese, Brown sugar, and a dash of salvation

4. The Affectation

Strap on those croakies and slip into your boat shoes for this fancy feast. Bacon, arugula, goat cheese, and fig reduction.


We hope you guys are excited for these new crepes as we are!! See you all Thursday.

g y bb

Sweet Chees-Us!kale

 Kale’n It

The Pretension

The Affectation

<3 The Paris Truckers

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