Meet the Paris Truckers: Audrey “Odd-rey” Michaels

Likes: Driving the food truck, scrunchies, just straight CHILLIN

Dislikes: Musicians paying to sound good, a messy crepe grill station, preservatives

This girl might be from Indiana, but she is allll Boston.  All Allston, specifically.  Hired just a few months ago, she knows this truck like the back of her hand.  You are sure to have seen her on the truck by now, as she is one of the few Paris Crepists (yes, that’s the term for it) who works almost exclusively on the truck.  You might also recognize her as the girl you passed on the street, pretending you were on your phone, as she was one of “those people” who tried to get signatures and donations for a non-profit.  She’s now a crepe-spinning machine who will get out the perfect crepe in an average of 5 minutes, 23 seconds.  Besides being a bad ass trucker, Audrey is a musician and artist and this little lady’s goin’ places!  She also makes some damn good batter.1081209_10201638128860189_891618586_n

<3 The Paris Creperie

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