Meet the Paris Truckers: Will “Willeh!” Deeks

Likes: Peanut Butter, Saying “you know what I mean?”, Winking at strangers while performing with his band

Dislikes: Washing his jeans, Vineyard Vines, Mean people


When Will isn’t rocking out in one of his three bands, he’s cracking us all up with his mix of self-deprecation, brutally poignant social commentary, and obscure cultural references that is unique to him alone.  When you ask yourself “WWWDD: What Would Will Deeks Do?” you immediately burst into tears with the realization that no matter how hard you try you could never execute it as perfectly as Will could.  Because here’s the deal: he’s the best guy you’ll ever know.  Don’t let the neon orange crocs fool you.

Keep an eye out for Will’s new crepes on the truck! Not only are the recipes mind-blowing, he’s also going to implement fresher, locally grown ingredients.  Can’t wait!

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