Nutella: A Universal Obsession

Ok. Let’s talk about Nutella for a minute. And I don’t mean American Nutella; I mean French Nutella.  Here in France, like in all countries in Europe, Nutella is definitely different than what we’re used to at home, and what I’m used to serving on the Food Truck. European Nutella is much less sweet than American Nutella because it has less sugar(How American of us to add more…).  This means the hazelnut flavor is a lot stronger, so it tastes more like a hazelnut, cocoa spread than a chocolately, sweet dessert.  Granted, both are great, but the European Nutella has something to it that I can’t help but prefer.

While the Nutella in France may be less sweet, the French make up for this by increased consumption.  The French are literally obsessed with Nutella.  Having toast for breakfast? Not without Nutella you aren’t! Can’t decide on which crepe you want? Have a crepe au Nutella, duh!  This passion for Nutella manifests itself in the size of the normal Nutella jar.  While most food portions in Europe are generally smaller than American portions, the Nutella jar is a major exception.  It’s a good 1.5 times larger than the Nutella jars we have on the truck.  The French love their Nutella and they aren’t afraid to show it!

Yet I don’t think Americans are afraid to admit their love for it either.  We sell a lot of great crepes on the truck, but when customers order a Nutella crepe, I see a maniacal and crazed look in their eyes—that, my friends, is the look of obsession.

So, what bonds us with our French brethren more than anything? A Nutella obsession. Nutella is the great equalizer.


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